Dear Chess Parents,

chessparentdaniWelcome to, a website dedicated to help you train you child. ┬áTraining your child can be a rewarding experience for both of you. With the prices of chess coaches these days it is also an economical option. As you’ll find out training your child won’t be difficult, all that is needed is knowledge and an internet connection!It seems that now to compete your child needs a coach, at least that is what I hear from parents. But let me tell you that’s not entirely true. ┬áMany chess parents out there are competing with the best coaches. Chess is like anything else, it takes practice. The more hours put in the better the result. You can outperform a coach simply because you can put in more hours into your child than they can. All you need, is a training program and the will to carry it out to see your child perform at a high level. Thank you for your interest in becoming a better chess parent, I will be here to help out in anyway I can.


Coach Jorge

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